Arrest Made in Far Rockaway Robbery


An arrest has been made in the robbery of a frum Far Rockaway resident.

As reported last night on Matzav, the 24-year-old frum man, named as Michael by police, was returning home from shul when he was forced to strip down to his undergarments as he was trying to enter a home on Neilson Street around 6:30 p.m. The robber pointed a gun at the victim’s head and demanded his clothes.

The suspect is Angel Valentin, 20, of Harlem. He has been charged with two counts of robbery, stalking, menacing, criminal possession of stolen property, and harassment.



  1. Imagine if the perpetrator would have done the same thing to a Muslim or Black man. What would be going on in the streets.

  2. Was the gun this thug used, purchased legally? Where is our Mayor, Bill DeBlasio, to lecture the Harlem community about stricter gun laws? Why do these Leftist Liberals only excoriate the white law abiding citizens about the need for tougher gun laws?

  3. As a punishment, he should be stripped down to his underwear and forced to walk in freezing weather with a police escort down 5th avenue, then throw him in jail and hurl the key into the East River.


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