Argentina Soccer Fans Chant ‘Kill Jews To Make Soap’


Atlanta, a professional Argentine team founded more than a century ago in a Jewish neighborhood, played All Boys at their stadium in Buenos Aires, Argentina on Thursday.

With their team down in the match, the All Boys fans began to chant about “killing the Jews to make soap” as they waved Palestinian flags and T-shirts bearing Iranian symbols.

Atlanta won the match, 3-2, triggering violence by the All Boys fans, destroying property at the stadium and attacked police cars outside.

“The Argentine Football Association must sanction the club for this anti-Semitic offense,” Shimon Samuels, Simon Wiesenthal Center’s director for International Relations, wrote in a statement Friday.

Read more at Times of Israel.



  1. Isn’t Argentina and Uraguay flag both blue and white with a stamped graven image sun?

    Seems fitting. Both housed nazis. Its almost like the concentration camp uniforms were used to make the flags and the graven image put.

    Know your history. Its a sham.

    Glad to be an American. No sham red white and blue.

  2. Actually not only Argentina but South America housed Nazis and also have a large Jew populations other than USA, for some reason every part of the world even the USA hates jews, I don’t but I’m just saying.

  3. Chuck,
    yes we are aware there are many despicable people living all over.
    People like these very fans who destroyed property and attacked police. On top of the Religion Of Peace in work…

  4. Argentina is a living nightmare, only in the zchus of the limud haTorah that goes on there has that country not totally fallen apart yet.


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