Are You Sure Your Kitchen is Kosher?

Of course I know how to keep kosher!
Anyone raised in a frum home or adopted a frum lifestyle is surely acquainted with these fundamental halachos…
Or are we all so proficient as we’d like to believe?
Kosher Institute offers a comprehensive online course comprised of 35 audio-visual shiurim and demonstrations, and systematically guides the viewer through the fundamentals of each topic with an eye toward the practical – such as using one oven for milchig and fleishig, checking produce for insects, separating challah, dealing with non-Jewish household help in the kitchen, blood spots in eggs and so much more!
This course is presented by Rabbi Nosson Dubin, Rabbinic Administrator for the Houston Kashrus Association and author of Ha’tzaas Hashulchan.
Kosher Institute shiurim are engaging and easy to follow, and subscribers have access to numerous guides that can be displayed for constant reference.
A qualified rav is always a must, though, for the thornier questions that are inevitable in a normal home kitchen environment, and for that, Rabbi Dubin outlines how to present your shailah for optimal clarity and understanding.
Newly launched, Kosher Institute is quickly gaining momentum as an essential for the frum housewife, kallahs approaching marriage, and those first embarking on their kosher journey.


  1. Once again.
    With great intentions -Knowledge in Halacha – a Parnosah – about money nevertheless.
    Mah Ani B’chinam af atah b’chinam – just went out the window or maybe down the drain.


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