ARE YOU KIDDING? Residents Near Gaza Border Ask IDF To Move Iron Dome To Save Endangered Flower


Residents of Israeli communities close to the Gaza border have approached the GOC Southern Command to request that Iron Dome missile-defense systems in the area be relocated in order to protect a delicate endangered flower that lives in the area.

According to a report in Ynet, residents told Maj. Gen. Herzl Halevi and Israel Air Force Commander Maj. Gen. Amikam Norkin that “we are grateful for and appreciate your work, and there is no need to explain how meaningful your presence here is for us and for our sense of security. But we feel it’s fundamental that we work together to preserve the surrounding sites of nature.”

The flower in question is the Iris Mariae, otherwise known as the “Negev Iris,” which residents say is at risk due to the increased number of troops, and the size and power of the machinery.

Military authorities replied that their positions were decided in coordination with regional councils, the Nature and Park Authority, and the Jewish National Fund, but that they would acquiesce to the request and move the Iron Dome systems to alternative locations, again in consultation with all the authorities.




  1. כל מה שברא הקב”ה בעולמו לא בראו אלא לכבודו -פרקי אבות ו:יא

    אמר רבי סימון: אין לך כל עשב ועשב שאין לו מזל ברקיע שמכה אותו ואומר לו גדל – בראשית רבה י:ו

    אמר רב יהודה אמר רב כל מה שברא הקב”ה בעולמו לא ברא דבר אחד לבטלה – תלמוד בבלי, שבת עז, ב

    It is great to see when people in Eretz Yisroel so reflect the values of our holy Torah.

  2. They didn’t ask that it be totally taken away from the area leaving it defenseless. Rather they proposed that it be moved to another site in the vicinity where it could still do its job while the flower would be left alone.

    • You’re absolutely right, as is the 4:25 am comment below. Saying the flowers’ preservation is more important than Iron Dome’s protection would of course be lunacy, but it isn’t an either/or situation and that’s not what they’re requesting.

  3. it’s not like they are saying to take it away, they are just saying put it in a different place that will still protect us. why is it that incredulous to you?

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