Archaeologist: Entire Kosel is “Danger Zone”


After a large stone fell from the Kosel on Monday, an Israeli archaeologist declared the site’s entire plaza a “danger zone.” Other stones “could immediately fall” and hurt people, Zachi Dvira, who is completing a Ph.D. on the archaeology of the Har Habayis, told The Times of Israel, JTA reports.

The boulder that fell Monday morning at one of the sight’s areas designated for “egalitarian mixed prayer” weighed about 220 pounds. It missed all onlookers, but landed close to 79-year-old Daniella Goldberg.

Israel “doesn’t do proper preservation [of the site] because of politics,” Dvira said, adding that he believes visitors should stand a few feet back from the Kosel in all of its sections for safety reasons.  “It’s a matter of life or death,” he said.

{ Israel News Bureau}


  1. For thousands of years the wall has stood and we have a mesorah that the Kosel will never be destroyed, because the Shechina is in the West. This is also hinted in the the Medrash on Shir Hashirim, “Hine ze omed achar Kosleinu”.

  2. Liberal! That’s how I interpret him. There has to be a reason why it only happened by the egalitarian area! Maybe there there is a G-d who runs this world Mr Zachi Zweig!


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