Arabs Step Up Violent Attacks Against Yidden on Har Hazeisim


har-hazeisimThe Yaari family from Kiryat Malachi became the latest victims in a new spade of violence in the Har Hazeisim area that is being blamed on the delay of a promised police deployment atop of the 3000 year old cemetery. The Yaaris were accosted by a wild lynch mob of murderous Arabs on their way to a family memorial service on Har Hazeisim, injuring at least one family member and causing extensive damage to the car. Last week, Arab youngsters threw stones at an elderly man in his car, broke the windows, hit his face, and kicked the car.

According to Avrohom Lubinsky. Chairman of the International Committee for the Preservation of Har Hazeisim (ICPHH), “the latest incident is the fifth major attack in the last ten days that began with an attack on the Boyaner Rebbe and his entourage as they were making their way up to the gravesite of the old Boyaner Rebbe.” Mr. Lubinsky blamed the delay of a promised police deployment for the spike in violence which he calls “premeditated and carefully planned” to thwart the recent gains made by the installation of surveillance cameras. “They are trying to send us a message that despite our efforts, they still rule the neighborhood,” said Lubinsky, who says he expects the police to take stern action against the leaders who are responsible for the recent violence.

In the case of the Yaaris, the rear window of their car was smashed and the doors were nearly ripped open. Miraculously, the family ducked and locked the doors, and escaped uninjured.

A former police officer who witnessed a stoning attack on the Mount of Olives on Monday slammed the security situation in east Jerusalem, saying it enabled stonings to become a frequent occurrence at the ancient Jewish cemetery. He added that the authorities should begin classifying all stone-throwing episodes as terror attacks. “That’s attempted murder,” he said.

Lubinsky revealed that a series of events will take place next week in Jerusalem to call attention to the security situation on Har Hazeisim. On Friday February 24th a delegation of the Conference of Presidents of Major American Jewish Organizations will visit the historical and holy cemetery. Led by Malcolm Hoenlein, the executive Vice Chairman of the organization, the delegation will include Jewish leaders as well as members of Congress. On Motzoei Shabbos, February 25th, some 1500 people will fill the Great Synagogue, which will include an address by Danny Ayalon, Deputy Foreign Minister. On Monday morning, the Knesset is scheduled to hold hearings on Har Hazeisim.

“We will take back Har Hazeisim,” Mr. Lubinsky said. “We will not accept the continued desecration and violence on our holiest cemetery where our Nevi’im and greatest Jewish leaders are buried.” He concluded: “If Israel prides itself for allowing access to all religions to their holy sites, how can we tolerate that it means all religions except Jews.”


  1. Lubinsky you are doing an amazing job. You get to know the score, the government and most citizens do not give a hoot about EAST JERUSALEM and the world at large considers it Palestine. So it is not just a security issue it is a political ‘big one’.

  2. It becomes ever clearer that Israel, the Jewish State sincerely question and decide its identity. It should be a no brainer that a 3000 year old beit HaKevarot be subject to Arab tresspass. Indeed indulging the West and the PA about Arab connections to Yerushalyim and EY leads to the present situation which for reason other than self respect must stop yesterday. No I am not suggesting Arabs out but subversives and fifth columnists are unwelcome.


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