Arabic Bus Announcements Removed After Complaints


Flooded with complaints after it introduced Hebrew and Arab digital announcements on buses which visually and audibly inform passengers of buses’ schedules, the Dan bus company turned to the Transportation Ministry and was instructed to remove them until bilingual announcements are implemented in the whole country.

“The announcements in Arabic in urban buses in Be’er Sheva have been removed after complaints by the mayor of Be’er Sheva who had fielded many complaints from passengers who asked for the announcements to be removed,” the ministry announced.

Although Be’er Sheva is central to over 100,000 Bedouin in the surrounding Negev, only two percent of its 200,000 residents are Arab. In Yerushalayim, bus and train announcements have been delivered in English, Hebrew and Arabic for the past few years without any fuss.

Agricultural and Rural Development Minister Uri Ariel of Bayit Yehudi is presently trying to push through a plan to build 25,000 legal homes for Israel’s Negev Bedouin over five years in ten towns to partially solve the problem of 80,000 Bedouin presently living illegally in unrecognized villages.

{ Israel}


  1. Pathetic, why should anyone be bothered by an extra announcement in Arabian language? Or for what matters, in Klingon language?? I am not at all bothered by the Arab language and instead I am highly bothered by muslim terrorists and supporters and their useful idiot helpers, but hey, no one should ever dare saying so, this is politically incorrect…. what load of garbage…


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