Arab Who Stole Classified Information From Army Commander’s Car Caught


IDF forces and police arrested a 22-year-old Arab from the village of Hizma in Benyamin, after he broke into the car of Commando Brigade head Avi Balut, stole a file containing classified documents and burned them.

According to the report on Channel 10, the Arab said in his interrogation that he had smashed the window of Balut’s Mitsubishi vehicle and stolen his bag.

When he returned to the village and saw that the documents were classified by the IDF, he decided to burn them. He is charged with theft, burglary and possession of military information.


Read more at Arutz Sheva.



  1. He should be locked up in jail for 50 years. That’s worst than shooting a terrorist and being locked up.

    These Israeli courts are lunatics

  2. Well, at least the idiot burned them, so there was no compromise of classified information.

    Wait, did he photograph them first?

  3. In the Us Military Classified Documents are never allowed to be removed from their primary premises . The higher the classification the more restrictive the viewing . If this IDF Colonel would have been in the US Military he would have been Court Martialed for dereliction of duty . I spent 38 years in uniform , had a TS SCI clearance so I know about classified documents . TS – Top Secret , SCI – Secured Compartmented Information . A need to know basis .


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