Arab MKs Who Met With Attackers’ Families Barred From Knesset For Months


The Knesset Ethics Committee has decided to ban three MKs from the Joint (Arab) List faction from parliamentary activity for 2-4 months over a visit to families of terrorists at which they observed a moment of silence for slain Palestinian attackers, Channel 2 News reports, according to Times of Israel.

Hanin Zoabi and Basel Ghattas are banned for four months and Jamal Zahalka for two months, according to the report. They will still be allowed to participate in Knesset votes.

All three veteran parliamentarians from the Balad Party, which merged into the Joint (Arab) List before the last election, visited families of Palestinian assailants killed during attacks in a bid to secure the release of their bodies for burial.

They observed a moment of silence for the attackers at the meeting.

The incident drew widespread condemnation after it was reported last week.

Prime Minister Bibi Netanyahu is seeking to push through legislation that could see lawmakers suspended from the Knesset over ethical violations if 90 MKs agree to it.

Earlier in the day, Netanyahu defended the measure in the Knesset plenum.

{ Israel}


  1. Compare with the Knesset’s treatment of Kahane – he was banned completely – while the man did not advocate nor support terrorism in any shape or form – he was banned simply for political views that were disagreeable with the establishment. The terrorism-supporting enemy in the Knesset – the establishment gives them a slap on the wrist! Hence the conclusion: the state of Israel is not a Jewish state, neither it is a democracy with a right of a free political speech.

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