Arab Egged Driver Ignores Pleas of Jewish Kid to Get Off


A 15-year-old teenager traveling on an Egged bus from Modi’in to Dolev began screaming when her Arab driver changed route and entered a nearby area of the PA.

“My daughter was travelling home and was the last one on the bus,” her father, Yisrael Stieglitz of Dolev, said. “She was sitting in the middle of the bus near the rear door. Everything was okay until the turnoff to Dolev. The driver decided to leave the route and drive towards Ein Arik in the areas occupied by the PA. The driver knows the route and it was clearly intentional.”

The driver only resumed his regular route after she screamed, “Let me off, let me off.”

Stieglitz said that he was told of similar cases where Arab drivers drop off passengers in dark locations or change route.

Egged responded, “Initial investigations revealed that the driver made a mistake and immediately after the passenger alerted his attention he stopped and reversed in order to return to his route.”

{ Israel News Bureau}


  1. A mistake can happen to anyone. And if it would of happened when the driver was a chiloni, would we hear the same outcry? I think this is stretching a little.

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