Arab Buried At Har Hamenuchos


An Arab ostracized for selling land to Jews was buried at a special section of Har Hamenuchos cemetery reserved for people who profess no religion after his body was barred from all Muslims cemeteries.

When Alah Kirsh recently died in a car collision, his body was barred from Har Habayis where dead Muslims are customarily taken, and a fatwa (religious decree) ruled that he “should not receive a Muslim burial.” His family was even prevented from setting up a mourning tent.

Rav Aryeh Stern, Yerushalayim’s Chief Ashkenazi rabbi, agreed to have him buried at Har Menuchos, explaining that one should have a “very positive attitude to an upright non-Jew” who in this case “showed good will and was even willing to endanger himself for the Jewish yishuv.

{ Israel}


  1. That’s right, Har Habais is used as a cemetery by the islamonazis, without any protest from our side. Meanwhile, amoratzim protest Jews entering the halachicaly permitted portions of Har Habais.

  2. Yes the Arabs bury people on the har habayis. They believe that since a dead person is tamai we won’t be able to go up when mashiach comes because there are dead people there. However they don’t realize that non Jews are not tamai.


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