Apple, Google, Uber Join Lawsuit Against Trump’s Travel Ban


Several large tech companies—including Apple, Google, and Uber—have sided with Washington state in the court battle against President Trump’s travel ban on refugees and citizens from predominantly Muslim countries.

The companies are among others who filed briefs Sunday in a federal appellate court arguing that the Trump order hurts their businesses and makes it harder to recruit employees. The briefs noted that such a ban would likely incentivize businesses to build operations outside of the United States to avoid the ban entirely. Washington state has already sued Trump on the claim that the ban was discriminatory. Read more at the LOS ANGELES TIMES.



  1. And in protest to them all those who voted for Trump should stop using Apple, Google, and Uber. Good luck with that. No Android phones or Iphones or Google Maps or Gmail or Uber. Enjoy Microsoft, so far the is.


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