Antwerp Kehillah Breathes Sigh of Relief as Matzos Pass Through Customs


shemurah-matzohEvery year, thousands of pounds of special shmurah matzos are delivered to Antwerp from Komimius, Israel. The thousands of families are most appreciative for the opportunity to maintain their high level of kashrus during Pesach. In addition to the matzos, thousands of pounds of shmurah matzah meal prepared under very exacting conditions are also sent to Antwerp for those families that wish to have their matzos baked fresh in Antwerp.

Upon arrival at customs in Belgium, in a departure from procedures of years past, authorities there indicated their intention to examine every bag of matzah meal. This threw the Antwerp religious community into turmoil. Should the authorities open a bag of matzah meal, that bag is no longer usable for Pesach. Community leaders intervened, explaining the special circumstances. In response, the customs authorities indicated that only a random handful of matzah meal bags would be opened and, upon approval, all the others would be passed through. This year, we are glad to report, the community will celebrate Pesach with extra spiritual joy.

{Rabbi G. Tannenbaum-Machberes/Noam Newscenter}


  1. Since when does one make matzos from matzah meal (matzah flour). One makes matzos from wheat flour, and one makes matzah flour from matzos!


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