Antwerp Jews Get City To Refill Dried-Up Pond For Tashlich This Year


The Belgian city’s fire department in Antwerp have agreed to replenish the dried up Stadspark pond in the centrally located Stadspark so that local Jews can perform Tashlich on Rosh Hashanah, JTA reports.

The pond had dried up because of the extreme heat wave recorded in recent weeks in Western Europe, where temperatures exceeded 100 F. Thousands of gallons of water will be pumped in to refill the pond.

JTA reports that Jewish community members plan to add fish to the Stadspark pond with permission from the municipality.



  1. the real story is that Local police want to prevent a possibility where thousands of Charedi Jews march through the city on Rosh Hashanah to head to the nearby river Schheldt, located approximately one mile from the city. The police are worried that such a march would draw anti-Semitic attacks and have therefore encouraged the city to refill the pool, rather than force the Charedim to make the trek.


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