AntiSemitism Strikes Jewish Business Near Lakewood, Storefront Shot Up


By Insider NJ

Gun shots on Oct. 27th shattered the store front of Elisheva, the largest women’s wig store catering to orthodox Jewish women, cancer patients, and people of all religions who need a wig. Located in Howell, Elisheva also serves the entire Jewish community from Lakewood, New Jersey to Jewish people that travel from New York.

“The more hatred you show, the stronger we grow,” Herb Celler of Lakewood, New Jersey said after his business store front had gun shots blasted through the glass.

“People come from all over including New York to experience getting their sheitel, also known as head covering for Jewish women,” Attorney Daryl Kipnis, owner of Kipnis Law Offices said. “This antisemitic act targeted our Jewish community and one of the most prominent, well known businesses that serves Jewish women as well as cancer patients and people who need a wig. They’re the best in the business.”

Kipnis is a candidate for the United States Congress in CD12.

“I feel the antisemitism growing all over as a Jewish candidate for public office,” he said. “Elisheva business owner, Herb Celler, is a wonderful friend and great supporter of my campaign, a client at my law practice, and this hit way too close to home for me.”

Herb Celler’s employees walked into his business on October 29th, Monday morning, and found the gun shots through the store front. They called the Howell Police Department, which is investigating. The gun shots likely happened on Saturday, October 27th, when Jewish people are observing the Sabbath. Earlier that day, antisemitism also struck the Jewish community Pittsburgh.

“Criminals do not obey your gun laws and here’s a prime example. Look at what these criminals did to my store,” said Celler. “Laws aren’t stopping antisemitism and criminals don’t follow laws.”

“As a community, we cannot be afraid to show that we are Jewish. You can see me saying Shema (Jewish Prayer) and lacing teffilin in my campaign for Congress commercial,” said Kipnis. “We need to be proud of who we are and incidents like this will make us stand up stronger against antisemitism. We will not let another Holocaust happen. We will not be afraid and this time, many of us are armed, when they weren’t when the Holocaust happened. My grandfather in law, Saul Gerszberg, a Holocaust survivor told my wife stories about how, if he had protection when the Nazi’s came for his home and business, he could have saved his entire family but instead, his brothers, sisters, and father were brutally shot in front of him for being Jewish. He laid with a bullet in his back, pretended to be dead and was the only survivor to tell his story. First they came for our businesses, then us, he use to tell my wife, his oldest grandchild.

“Herb Celler is dealing with the aftermath of customers fearful to come to his store and workers that are terrified after seeing gun shots through the glass storefront. Thank G-d no one was injured and the store was closed when it happened,” he added.

Elisheva is the go-to location for all women that need a quality wig. It’s a well known destination that brides-to-be come from all over to Elisheva for their first wig and women from all over, traveling to come to Elisheva for their wigs. “Cancer patients know that this is a safe place for them to relax and get a great quality wig that works for them,” Celler said. “We also service all communities any religion, race, or creed. We are all G-d’s children. A lot of our profits go to help keep children safe and off the streets to all organizations for both Jewish and non-Jewish people.”

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  1. Now it’s getting serious. Even the Tznius Police have gotten in on the act. I’m getting out of here. Run for the hills.

  2. I can’t stand it when every act Of violence That happens to affect a Jew is automatically labeled as anti-Semitism. How do you know this is not a random act of violence? If there are indications to hate crime such as swastikas and the like, then sure. But all that’s reported here is bullet holes.

    • Hey 10:29, and I can’t stand when judenrat buffoons pretend to have IQ above 85. Try to comprehend: her store was targeted as no other stores in the area were shot at, and as a sheitel store doesn’t have any interactions with drive by shooting gangs, the only deductible reason that makes any sense is antisemitism, especially that the local goyim are known for their vitriol.

    • Could be .22. At any rate, it is an act of intimidation. It’s about time our community took the second amendment right to defend ourselves.

      • Yeh, ok. Engage in a gun battle on the streets of Howell township. Man, your such a brilliant person. You have brains where you sit.

        • Dear Huh, you must be projecting your anatomical particularities onto others. If the crazies knew that they can get shot if they physically attack the Jews, then there wouldn’t be any gun battles nor any window shootings.

      • you mean, so that we offer a pretext to the mobs to carry out what they’ve been eager to do?
        Fact: we are not at home in any galut and we have repeatedly seen the dangers of getting too comfortable.

        • Dear 3:07am (?!), the Jewish people existence is enough of “pretext” to the mobs. The only way to stop the mob is through something called a deterrent: you physically attack me – you get a small lead object embedded in your scull (per whatever the rules for permitted self defense in your local jurisdiction). Regarding getting comfortable in golus: don’t get yourself home swimming pool and Lexus, don’t advocate liberal ideas, and keep in mind where do you really belong – none of this excludes chiyuv deOraisa to physically defend Jewish lives.

  3. Hey 7:14, sounds to me like you’re the below 85 bafoon. I agree with above that it’s wrong to always cry anti semitism when crime happens. Even if it is anti Semitism, it isn’t smart to publicize it too much. The ADL is the largest cause of anti Semitism in America because they don’t stop screaming how bad it is. That brings out all the crazies that have dormant hate and they say ”hey there’s a anti Jew movement going on. Let me join” it’s human phsycology to jump on a wave.

    • Dear 2:28 AM(?!), trying to manipulate? First you were trying to give benefit of doubt that it wasn’t really an antisemitic incident in your 10:29 comment, now you are trying to switch gears into the good old WW2 era Reform movement approach: ignore other Jews’ suffering as long as my glutes are comfortable. Besides, it’s being a soft target that brings out the crazies – when Jews organize, get armed and guarantee quick demise to physical attackers, obviously without provocations such as idiotic flashing of wealth or advocating for the liberal csuses, than the crazies step down. Take lessons from how to survive a bear encounter.


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