ANTI-VAXXERS STRIKE AGAIN: Rockland Health Officials Confirm Cases Of Whooping Cough


Rockland health officials have confirmed six cases of whooping cough across the county and five more cases are under investigation, LOHUD reports.

The cases are spread out across the county, and there are fewer than in previous years when there were more than two-dozen cases, according to county spokesman John Lyon. There were 95 confirmed cases of measles as of Monday and another seven under investigation.

LOHUD points out that pertussis, or whooping cough, is a highly contagious respiratory tract infection caused by bacteria, according to the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention. It can affect anyone but is especially dangerous for babies under 12 months old. The most effective way to prevent whooping cough is through vaccination. The vaccine is often combined with diptheria and tetanus.



  1. How do you know its the anti vaxxers? Did you follow up on the ones who got it? You can catch the flu even if you got the shot,same here. This title is promoting sinas chinam please change it.

  2. Sensationalism once again. Here’s a quote from the article.
    “The cases are spread out across the county, and there are fewer than in previous years when there were more than two-dozen cases, according to county spokesman John Lyon. The incident rate is not considered above average and is not of increased concern to officials”

    • The problem is anti-vaxxers aren’t getting the polio vaccine either. Are we supposed to wait until polio makes a comeback to start fighting this stupidity?

  3. tjhe headline should say: Boruch H’: Whooping Cough cases in Rockland Down from previous years! This is a good statistic. Why do you make it bad? Also, the ones who got the whooping cough were all vaccinated. If they were not, the health department would have said so. You are just spreading panic and sinas chinam.

  4. Maybe it came from those 3000 + people who loaded up on all their vax’s so they could be fully ‘protected’ & fully allowed into school???

  5. Ah Whooping Cough. My favorite example of a vaccine that mutates a pathogen making it more virulent and deadly due to selection pressure. Also my favorite example of 100 percent vaccination rates and still having whooping cough outbreaks in 100% fully vaccinated populations. Selection Pressure, its the real thing.Thank you Provaxxers for unleashing this bioterrorism on us.May the pertactin receptors be with you.

  6. I got pertussis in spite of being vaccinated. And I am not the only one, according to my doctor.

    This headline is fake news. There is enough false blame of Jews for sorts of terrible things in the local papers, we don’t need Matzav for that.

  7. Is there a vaccine for vaxxers to bring their brains back after having been injured with the MMR shot? Those who b”H weren’t injured are learning the truth but those who were nebech injured (like vaxxer posters here) are so closed-minded and dumb with zero% logic. They’ve nebech lost it all. Sad.

  8. i really am sad seeing this headline. it’s very nice that you allow the ex vaxxers to post their comments but to post such a headline?? what are you trying to do here?
    before you post such hate filled headlines send one of you investigative journalists to do some investigating on vaccines and see if there is any truth to ex vaxx position.
    like i said so many times before most ppl who dont vax have vaccine injured kids.
    why are you all so judgmental here? do a little research don’t just read bias media articles.
    read the cdc website and pub med studies. the cdc website CLEARLY STATES that pertussis incidences and outbreaks ARE NOT THE FAULT OF the unvaccinated.
    here is the quote from their website

    Q: Why are reported cases of pertussis increasing?
    A: Since the early 1980s, there has been an overall trend of an increase in reported pertussis cases. Pertussis is naturally cyclic in nature, with peaks in disease every 3 to 5 years. But for the past few decades, peaks got higher and overall case counts went up. There are several reasons that help explain why CDC is seeing more cases as of late. These include:

    Increased awareness
    Improved diagnostic tests
    Better reporting
    More circulation of the bacteria
    Waning immunity
    The bacteria that cause pertussis are also always changing at a genetic level. Research is underway to determine if any of the recent changes may contribute to the increase in disease.

    When it comes to waning immunity, it seems that the acellular pertussis vaccines (DTaP and Tdap) used now may not protect for as long as the whole cell vaccine (DTP) doctors used to use. Throughout the 1990s, the United States switched from using DTP to using DTaP for babies and children. Whole cell pertussis vaccines are associated with higher rates of minor and temporary side effects such as fever and pain and swelling at the injection site. Rare but serious neurologic adverse reactions, including chronic neurological problems, rarely occurred among children who had recently received whole cell vaccines. Studies have inconsistent results about whether the vaccine could cause chronic neurological problems. However, public concern in the United States and other countries led to a concerted effort to develop a vaccine with improved safety. Due to these concerns, along with the availability of a safe and effective acellular vaccine, the United States switched to acellular pertussis vaccines (DTaP)
    Learn more about DTaP waning immunity[1 page] and pertussis outbreaks.

    Q: I’ve heard about parents refusing to get their children vaccinated and travelers to the United States spreading disease; are they to blame for pertussis outbreaks?
    A: Even though children who haven’t received DTaP vaccines are at least 8 times more likely to get pertussis than children who received all 5 recommended doses of DTaP, they are not the driving force behind the large scale outbreaks or epidemics. However, their parents are putting them at greater risk of getting a serious pertussis infection and then possibly spreading it to other family or community members.

    We often see people blaming pertussis outbreaks on people coming to the United States from other countries. This is not the case. The United States never eliminated pertussis like measles or polio, so there’s always the chance for it to get into a community. Plus, every country vaccinates against pertussis.

  9. “The requirements for becoming a doctor in the U.S. may vary by specialty. In general, doctors complete a 4-year undergraduate degree program, spend 4 years in medical school, and then complete 3-7 years of residency training before they are eligible for medical licensing.”
    but continue to read facebook posts, watch ten minute clips, and read mommy blogs. and think you know better than medical professionals!
    “but but I read a paragraph and now I’m an expert on immunology”
    stop cherry picking!

  10. hey matzav you want blood on your hands. way to give a platform to the pro-disease crowd. shame on you. censor them already! what are you waiting for polio!

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