Anti-Semitism Is Sweeping Germany


A Jewish leader in Germany says anti-Semitism is so rampant that police are needed to protect participants in public religious events.

Charlotte Knobloch, the former president of the Central Council of Jews in Germany, believes that Jewish life can only be lived out “in public with police protection and under the most serious security precautions,” according to media reports.

She added, “anti-Semitism [is] in the heart of German society.’’

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  1. With NAZI descendants plus Muslims, is anyone surprised? A bigger surprise is why any Jew would live in such a blood stained country?

  2. One of the countries the Jews should never have returned to, not only what happened in WWII with Hitler but the People itself helped him with gusto, and yet they returned to a country that hates them and what was expected???
    Did the Jews think they would be welcomed with open arms, it is called send your money, for Germany likes that, for they will need all the money they can get when the new group of people come in and eat all the government funds for generations to come. Germany forgets when the Jews leave all their tax money and contributing money go with them and they are left with, what is left, and that is welfare receivers for generations. The laugh will be on them.

  3. Only a total idiot settles with his family in Europe. Is it really worth the measly salary to live on land that is DRENCHED with Jewish blood??? They already told our Parents in the 30’s and 40’s that they HATE us to the point were they want all of us DEAD! Don’t you idiots get the message?! Since they are so stupid to live there, the Gemorah tells us that it’s assur to have rachmanus on a fool. Good luck.

  4. In theory all Jews should leave the UK as well since over the Centuries they persecuted and killed it’s Jewish Citizens.

  5. All the Jews should leave Europe and then the Muslims can take over the UK, Germany, Begium and the all the Scandinavian countries. Then they’ll all wish the Jews were still there. Europe is almost finished and they deserve it!

  6. Jewish community in all times past was shtetl. There was hope for growth.

    The intermarriage was perhaps controlled by more jewish bumping experience. One wonders how judaism can return to those places and assumes only orthodox would be right.

    The reaction to the jews today in such places is horror. These manky hard men do not even know that the world is even round or if it is flat, it is not their manner.

    All we can do is hope that Hashem guides our communities. If the faith brings Israel back to Europe to strong future, there is interest. World affairs require much valued in work and manner.

    However, today, if you are well in America, Israel or a safe nation; one stays. Business may be business but sanity is more crucial.

    Silly. The world.


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