Anti-Semitic Website Attacks Fiveish: “Sick Jew Children Dance with Dollar Bill Man to Bring Joy”


fiveish-dance-eretz-yisroelA website called The Stormer has attacked the Oorah organization and its promotional character Fiveish, calling Fiveish and his antics “sick and surreal.”

The website, before describing Fiveish says that “there is nothing which could possibly prepare you for what you are about to see.”

In its description of Fiveish, the site says, “A Jew religious entertainment group called ‘Oorah’ has created a children’s entertainment program to encourage Jew children to get excited about Jew religious things.  In what appears to be almost a purposeful mockery of themselves, the thing that excites the children most is not a cute fluffy animal, as is generally used to excite gentile children, but a dancing five dollar bill named ‘Fiveish.'”

The anti-Semitic post says that Fiveish videos are “comparable to Sesame Street or Barney” and mainly feature “Jews dancing and singing songs with a cartoon representation of Mammon who teaches them, through fun, to love Jewish heritage. The show is sick and surreal.”

The Stormer then shares a video of Fiveish “encouraging the Jewlets to get happy about the religious rest day of Shabbos (Saturday).”

The site then features a clip of Fiveish trying to get through airport security. “Apparently,” the site states, “Orthodox Jews get hassled quite a bit at the airport, as retard TSA workers can’t tell the difference between them and Muslims.”

Finally, the site shares what it calls “a weird video of the Jew mascot being attacked by religious Jews in Jewistan.”

The anti-Semitic post concludes by stating, “Once again we see through the Jew’s own mind a direct look into his racial soul.  He is a purely material being, without the normal human spectrum of emotions.  Even as a child, the thing that interests him is not cute animals, but dancing dollar bills. If one thinks about it for a bit, there truly is a profound statement being made by Fiver, which not only tells us about the Jew, but about ourselves as well.”

{Gavriel Newscenter}


  1. When the “gentile” who is “a purely material being”, sees a stuffed dollar bill, he immediately thinks it’s about making it, hording it and enjoying it for yourself. It doesn’t occur to him that by us it’s about giving it away to help others…

  2. The fundraising mechanism of auctioning “luxurious” goods is a curious phenomenon. If vital charities and Khinukh cannot be adequately supported directly, what does it say about values?

  3. I think Oorah should sue these Anti Semites. At least Imus apologized after making fun of Kars for Kids which actually paid to advertise on his show.

  4. Not worth mentioning. Especially since the point here was the DONATION of five dollars- not something to expect among the miscreant trash that operates a hate site.

  5. Horrible. I personally am not a big fan however of Fiveish. He is exciting but are we really that excited for the passion of quick smiles? Maybe. But I would think that Fiveish is more like Tenish. He has a dollar fold on his billing post.

  6. This is definitely not acceptable. However Feivish is a disgrace to anything Jewish. He does things that are border line
    Some of their commercials are a mockery to humanity.

  7. The movement that started Fiveish is not exactly looking for better Torah in so much as it is looking for better Discipline. Torah is not always looking for the easy route to simplicity. What we are teaching our Children with Fiveish is that G-d is very real, but that if you really want to be a friend of Hashem, you might also have to do what the adults put in front of you. Perhaps this gets them through childhood, but also it sets up an opportunity whereby the older experience will eventually be resented when the child realizes that Fiveish is just a plain clothes policemen who wants to make sure that he was a little “big miner” for Jerusalem.
    Simple? No not really, but in the real world of Real Torah, this Fiveish is just a bad principle.

    Sometimes when the enemy attacks you, it can also be a realization that maybe you did something wrong.

    I am not clearly calling for an end to fiveish. If I had it to be possible, now due to his celebrity status, I would personally like a little fiveish doll for my desk perhaps. Maybe a bendy plastic one. So far, he does not exist. (Bad Marketing).

    But really, it is quite uncanny to have a religious experience where the almighty dollar is set aside as religious for Israel. Are we saying that we are glad to be Americans? Maybe Mickey Mouse would be much better for that.

    Fiveish is a great icon, but I wonder if the kids are going to be embarrassed. He is not exactly friendly as his lips are so big that the smile only on the 10th of Tevet and then his reality is that he has only five blessings.

    1. Happy. 2. Conditional 3. Playful 4. Scary to the Throw away idea and 5. Bargaining.

    So if you ask me again, Fiveish is a little bit like the idea of giving your child a minolta camera but telling him he can only shoot pictures of the baby in its crib.

    A good idea for a bit perhaps. Some solidarity for a community that has excluded itself from mainstream American Dignity and Life.

    But there is no real life in Fiveish.

    Sorry if I have become the anti-fiveish scenario, but I like my Torah experiences with Moses and not with the pocket.

  8. That site is extremely anti-Semitic, so anything they post is with hatred, racism, and completely unworthy of anyone’s attention.

  9. I couldnt take it. I couldn’t bear looking at that site and those horrble comments that i had to reply even though I would never have done so- on such a sick website? i mean what’s the point?! Its truly pointless- its clear right away what their objective is and how they twist probably every bit of news about Jews that they can get their hands on. I was the first to bring to light a bit about what Oorah really is and since then it seems many other Jews have come out in the open(although I did disguise myself, i didn’t trust the website one bit and wanted to protect myself) onto the site and have tried to defend oorah for what it is and has revealed its “true colors”. I’m sure it wont acccomplish anything in the long-run just looking at the type of people who frequent this Nazi site- but i just felt i had to something to defend this! I was truly sickened and horrified from such an openly anti-semetic website, I guess it was good for me to see though what kind of hatred is out there, it kinds of puts you in your place should you ever feel complacent in galus america. However, I strongly feel that Matzav should never again quote anything or post a link from this website as it is clearly one of the most racist publications out there, clearly against blacks as well as indicated right away of the warped images of Obama and Michelle. One can tell right away what their agenda of this clearly KKK white supremacist club. It should be definitly be taken down and removed from the web if anyone cared.


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