Anti-Israel Washington Post Cartoon Shows Netanyahu Punching Infant


cartoon-anti-israelThe Simon Wiesenthal Center is denouncing an animated cartoon on the Washington Post’s You Tube channel depicting Israeli Prime Minister Bibi Netanyahu repeatedly pounding a baby in the face.

The cartoon, titled “Israel pounds Hamas targets,” was produced by Ann Telnaes, an editorial cartoonist for the Post’s Opinion page. SEE THE CARTOON HERE.

“It is disgusting that the Washington Post would present an animated cartoon that is so profoundly removed from the truth,” said Rabbi Abraham Cooper, associate dean of the Wiesenthal Center. “Millions of Israeli citizens-men, women, and children-have been forced into bomb shelters and saferooms by thousands of missiles and rockets targeted at them by Hamas terrorists, whose open and avowed goal is the destruction of the Jewish state,” he averred.

“Even Israel’s enemies have recognized that Israel’s military countermeasures against Hamas have included phone and text warnings as well as leaflets urging innocent civilians in Gaza to vacate the targeted areas,” Cooper said. “It is the Hamas leadership that openly uses the people of Gaza to act as human shields to protect their weapons of mass destruction,” he said.

“Israelis are saddened by the deaths of four Palestinian children on a Gaza beach yesterday, but the blood of these innocent children is on the hands of Hamas leaders, not Benjamin Netanyahu,” remarked Rabbi Cooper. “While we regard Telnaes’ right to free speech, it would be important that the Washington Post make it clear that this disgusting animation doesn’t represent their views.”

{Gavriel Newscenter}


  1. This is very ungrateful for the Washington Post which to my knowledge has not been anti-semitic like this in the past. How could they have even considered this sort of demeaning imagery? I am completely offended and I could only think that the anti-Semitism is the focus of too many ingrates in the culture today. It is never getting better because this epidemic has a source. Denial of freedom and war with human blessing.



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