Anthony Weiner Reports to Prison

Ex-congressman Anthony Weiner checked into prison on Monday to begin his 21-month sentence for inappropriate behavior.


Weiner will do time at the Federal Medical Center, a Massachusetts prison for men with special mental health requirements.

Weiner was under orders to surrender on Monday.




  1. What about the big fishes? Why are they above the law? When will we get to see political criminals, like Hillary, Comey, Mueller, Obama imprisoned?

    • Fink soup. They are not the story nor do we incarcerate G-d forbid a political party. Take your romper room Trump urges elsewhere. They turn away from love thy neighbor.

  2. He will be healed. He should reenter political life. He did a lot for the people. Everyone makes a little mistake. Anthony is a patriot and a true American. Think for a moment if this was the 1960’s this would not be an issue. Please people spring back to reality.

  3. Anthony Weiner was a staunch supporter of Israel and a strong advocate for yeshivos and bais yakovs. However indefensible the details of his personal behavior are, I take no joy in his downfall. “Hakina, vehataava, vehakavod motzi’in es ha’adam min ha’olam.”

  4. I remember meeting Anthony years ago in Midwood. I think he was a councilman running for Congress then. I told him my problem, and he directed a staffer to help me. He treated me well.


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