Anshei Kartofel: Kuwait Launches Probe of Israeli Potatoes


potatoesKuwait’s commerce ministry has launched an investigation into reports that Israeli potatoes were being sold in the country.

“The ministry has a zero-tolerance policy towards the import and sale of Israeli products,” ministry sources told Al Kuwaitiya.

“The ministry is currently coordinating with several parties to reach a conclusion about the allegations and ensure that they are not malicious,” ministry sources told local daily Al Kuwaitiya.

“The ministry has a zero-tolerance policy towards the import and sale of Israeli products and if there are Israeli potatoes in the stores, there will be stringent action against those involved,” the sources said.

Kuwait, like most Arab countries, has no diplomatic or commercial relations with Israel and has rigorously implemented a 1964 law that banned the possession and trade of all Israeli products. Reports on the existence of Israeli products in the Kuwaiti market have been widely circulated in the virtual world even though they conflicted in the real world.

“The product has been spotted in several places and I would like to know how those in charge of monitoring the import of foreign products allowed it into the country,” said Khalid Al Subai, the deputy head of the Consumer Protection Society, according to Gulf News.

Abdul Aziz Al Samhan, the head of the Cooperative Societies Union, has denied the existence of any Israeli products in Kuwait’s cooperatives. “This is definitely a red line that no one is allowed to cross under any name,” he said in a statement. We do deplore the allegations by some people and the accusations they levelled at Al Nassem Cooperative claiming that it was selling potatoes in bags with an Israeli label,” he said, according to Gulf News.

[ Israel News Bureau]


  1. Dopes!
    Never mind that had the U.S. not intervened Saddam (he’s or Saddim) would have annihilated them all. These putrid Kuwatis ought show respect toward the free world of which Israel is a part!
    Bunch o’ potato heads wrapped in blook-soaked shmaatis!

  2. #1, R’ Shmuel left behind a script for a project he was working on before he passed away, When Zaidy Was Young 3. His family is putting it together with Shimmy Shtauber, who produced a different story tape with Nachman Seltzer. Should be out soon.

  3. Walking into the Arab mindset there is more to gain by limiting your own smile than there is to be gained by smiling back. These minds are worth a half shilling of human taste and their reality is that most of them have no common cause other than their own hatred of human discretion.

  4. I happen to know Shtauber. I got this info from him. He’s a very talented impressionist who knows how imitate a lot of R’ Shmuel’s characters really well. I heard clips of the new project, it sounds incredible! He’s hoping to be out by Pesach be”H. Can’t wait!!!


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