Another Needle Found in Airline Sandwich


air-canada-planeAn Air Canada passenger found what appears to be a sewing needle inside a pre-prepared sandwich while on a flight Monday from Victoria, British Columbia, to Toronto, officials said.

A full investigation is now underway, according to the airline. Air Canada has contacted the caterers who prepare the meals, but has refused to release the name of the company.

The airline is cooperating with police investigating the matter, Air Canada spokesman Peter Fitzpatrick told the Canadian Broadcasting Corp. Safety is a top priority, he said, adding that Air Canada is working with the food company to ensure that heightened security measures are put in place.

The incident comes less than two weeks after two passengers suffered minor injuries from needles found in the meat of sandwiches served aboard four Delta Air Lines flights from Amsterdam to the United States.

Dutch police officer Robert van Kapel told The Associated Press that Dutch investigators have been interrogating witnesses who had access to the Delta sandwiches. Kapel said it is too early to rule out a copycat or link, which he said is being investigated.

Source: ABC NEWS

{ Newscenter}


  1. this reminds me of the story of needles in pepsi cans in the early 90s. suddenly you are going to have lots of people “finding” needles in hopes of getting cash. i highly doubt that this new case with a different caterer, no doubt, committee the same offense within 2 weeks of the delta issue


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