Ann Coulter: Trump Is ‘Lazy and Incompetent’


Conservative pundit Ann Coulter called President Trump “lazy and incompetent,” and said he could potentially face a Republican primary challenger in 2020 if he doesn’t build a wall along the southern border.

“We put this lunatic in the White House for one reason,” Coulter told Yahoo News. “He doesn’t need to declare an emergency.” Coulter went on to claim how the president could use his powers to make the Department of Defense and Homeland Security build the wall without congressional approval. “I think [Trump is] finally going to pull that pocket Constitution out of his lapel pocket and [say], ‘Oh my gosh, I’m the president. This is great.’” When asked who she could see challenging Trump in 2020, Coulter said a “terrific” candidate would be Rep. Mo Brooks (R-AL)—who recently claimed Democrats would have “American blood” on their hands if they blocked the wall from being built. Coulter wouldn’t say if she has recently spoken to the president, but did tell Yahoo News that Trump was still “reading” her. “I can tell. … Well, somebody’s reading me. They’re all reading me over there,” she said. Read more at Yahoo News.



  1. Ditto to comments 1 & 2.
    She’s the same attention-seeker who ridiculed Jews for being unable to get passed the Holocaust: just to put it in prospective!

  2. She is beginning her mid-life crisis. I wouldn’t be surprised if this macshefa committed suicide. I wouldn’t miss her either.

  3. Enough posting the thoughts of the anti-Semitic machshefa!

    Just Google “Ann Coulter anti-Semitic” to see a laundry list of her filth. This shtick garbage would be happy to see yidden disposed of as she openly supports white supremacists.

  4. Ann Coulter is obviously from the Sheeple society who dumbly believes Fakestream media. Will she have the courage to admit she was fooled when things will iy”H change very soon?

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