And I Cried   


By Pained

I am so pained that I cried, it bothered me so much that I had to record this as soon as I returned home.  During Shachris chazoras hashatz  this morning,  one of those in attendance was showing samples of a product that he sells to another in attendance.

I cried and then it came back to me, a few weeks ago on Shabbos when there was a celebration of a young man becoming a Bar Mitzvah.  I was pained. It is sad that people will come from other shuls who have finished their tefilos and will walk in to wish Mazel Tov to the baleisimcha.  How sad disrupting a tzibur during tefilos. How are we educating our children?

So mechanech #1 comes in during Ein Kelokeinu and stop to carry on a discussion with one of the mispallim thus not allowing the mispallelto daven.  When confronted, mechanech #1 replied, “I waited until after Kaddish”.

Mechanech #2 comes in during Anim Zemiros and walks to the front row and carries on a conversation with one mispallel with his back to an open Aron Hakodesh.

I am pained and pained, ein l’davar sof.  We have come to shul to either learn or to be mispallel to the KB”H in the beautiful Mikdash Mei-at [House of the KB”H] that we have created. We daven for the true geula, the true redemption and that the Bais Shlishi be built.  Are we making the Mikdash Mei-At a place where the KB”H is welcome?  It does not appear so.  What is the KB”H thinking.

Would any of us consider such behavior in the presence of a mortal monarch? NO, so why do we behave in such a manner in the presence of the Melech Malchei HaMelochim?

I am pained, and continue to be pained.  I cried and I continue to cry.

Emosai, ad Mosai



  1. Perhaps the Baal simcha should wait outside the beis medrash so when mispallilim of other shuls come to wish Mazel tov, they won’t disturb the shul’s regular mispalilim. People coming from other shuls shouldn’t have to wait until the end of davening to wish Mazel tov.

    • I agree. If I just walked a half hour or more to be misamiach a baal simcha, I shouldn’t have to wait around till after davening to wish the baal simcha mazel tov. Sometimes I might have a few stops to make. I don’t go for the Kiddush. I go to be misamiach the baal simcha. When they see that a friend/neighbor went out of their way to come, it brightens their day. I know it does for me when I make a simcha. My Rav always states that the guests make the simcha. By others coming and showing that they care that makes the simcha.
      As far as your sanctimonious crocodile tears, GET OVER IT! Stay in your basement and daven biyachedus. No one will disturb your highness over there.

      • What? You agree that the baal simcha should put the Rebono Shel Olam on hold and should wait on the side until the baal simcha gets his mazel tov wishes? Sheer chutzpah!

  2. I agree with all of your points. I think this is indeed an issue and should be addressed by the shul Rav.
    However, your melodramatics turn people off, and make you look silly. No need to play it up with all of the hysterics, you sound ridiculous.

  3. The author is correct. We need to serve Hashem on His terms, not those terms of those people who have walked to be mesameach a baal simcha. I am sure that most baalei simcha would agree that they would want to maintain the kedusha of the shul that they are making their simcha in. It is inconsiderate to the paying members of any shul to shter them no matter what the reason is, unless daas torah has said otherwise. This letter shows the pain of someone who gets it. Is it any different than the “stop talking in shul” campaign that we have seen so many rabbanim and gedolim give their blessing on? If we want to show Hashem that we can serve him in the Bais Hamikdash, where the slightest wrong machshava can turn something into pigul, cant we at least use our mouths just for davening during the time of tefilah?


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