Anatoly Altman, Who Stole A Plane To Escape The Soviet Union And Run To Israel, Dies At 77


Anatoly Altman, a former prisoner of Zion who tried to hijack a plane to escape the former Soviet Union, has died.

Born in what today is Ukraine, Altman was a member of “Operation Wedding,” an attempt by several Jews who were arrested in 1970 at a St. Petersburg airport, where they had gathered to take the plane and fly it to Israel. Altman was sentenced to 12 years of hard labor in the gulag. In 1979, he was released and immigrated directly to Israel, or made aliyah.

He died Thursday in Israel, in Haifa. Altman was 77.

Read more at Arutz Sheva.



  1. No SCREAMING HEADLINE of anyone dying today from the dreaded incurable measles???! Please don’t abandon us. We must not let our guard down. Please please give us SOME update! I’m sure there are thousands who caught the measles today. Give us the numbers.

    • Hey feeble minded antivaxxer, one dead 18 months old and one 10 year old with brain encephalitis in the past two months in our community isn’t enough for you?! By the way, both children were not immunized. The parents should be prosecuted.

      • Hey vaxxer, where’s your sympathy for the many many (much more than these 2 who died from the measles and most probably including other complications) who became autistic and other head injuries and neurotic injuries after vaccination. Don’t tell me there aren’t any because the holy CDC said so. I can give you off hand several names. Never trust CDC’s lies.

        • I personally don’t take vaccines for numerous personal reasons (my kids do) however this notion that adults have become autistic after taking a flu shot is absurd. Can one who is healthy suddenly become autistic at the age of 35 after getting a simple flu shot? You have to change your argument.

          • No! CHILDREN become autistic when they take it at about the age of 2. These injections are taken again at about 6. After which they stop vaccination and get the measles as adults because these junk vaccines is not lifetime immunity.

          • Dear 12:02 antivaxxer, you are completely ignorant: first dose of MMR vaccine is scheduled for 12 months of age, second dose at 4 years old. After which a life time 98%(getting real measles doesn’t necessarily provide a better immunity than the vaccine’s 98%, as a second measles infection is still possible even for those that previously contracted measles) immunity is achieved, without any need for booster shots anytime later in life. And nobody becomes autistic because of MMR vaccinations. Stop embarrassing yourself with ignorance!

        • Dear 8:16 black-magic believer, and how do you know about these alleged “neurotic injuries”? Based on your terminology, you are completely ignorant of medicine. So how do you know that your “off hand several names” “head injuries” were caused by vaccines. If you claim cause and effect – such as noticed signs of mental retardation at about the age that the vaccines were administered, then why stop with vaccines as a cause, may be you and your friends are victims of witchcraft. Or did aliens kidnap you and gave you “head injuries” perhaps?

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