Analysis: As NY-09 Goes Republican For the First Time Since 1922, Why Obama Lost NY Jewish Voters


obama1NY-09 last saw Republicans hold it in 1922. The seat, last held by Anthony Weiner, flipped back to the GOP last night in a stunning rebuke to Barack Obama.

In every special election in New York for the past few years, even in 2009/2010, the Democrats pointed their finger at each one and declare it spelled disaster for the GOP. Today, the Democrats will declare NY-09 has no bearing on anything under the sun.

Except, in NY-09 the Democrats attacked the Republican, Congressman-Elect Turner, on the Paul Ryan plan. They attacked him on social security and medicare. All things the Democrats did in the last New York congressional special election they did again this time. And they lost. They lost a district that went for Obama, Kerry, and Gore. They lost a district that has had a Democrat representing it for almost 90 years.

Obama lost New York Jewish voters. He lost them because of three things.

First, he lost them because of the economy. Even in this reliably Democrat district, the voters are upset about the economy. No amount of spin can change that polling.

Second, he lost them because for three years the Democrats have said Jewish voters love Obama and they really don’t. As Ari Fleischer said jokingly on Twitter, “Obama calls for NY-9 to return to it’s pre-1967 status. Last time an R held the seat was 1922.” No doubt Obama will soon travel to Israel.

Third, and the one that will get little if any play in the mainstream media except frivolous debunking, the voters in NY-09 rejected David Weprin’s vote in favor of same-gender marriage. Yes, yet again we see a reliably Democrat area rebel against Democrats pushing same-gender gay marriage.

I’ve long said these special elections in New York really are not meaningful at a national level. They’ve served to highlight the incompetence of the New York GOP more than the failures of the national GOP. But in this race, you had a highly competent Democratic Party and union organizers on the ground turning out the vote and they lost. And the most consistent reason through multiple polling is a very simple reason – even Democrats now hate Barack Obama’s job performance.

I eagerly await the front page story in the New York Times about growing Democratic whispers of a primary campaign against Barack Obama. Oh, and yes, the GOP can now tell him to take a hike on his jobs legislation.

{Red State/ Newscenter}


  1. This is what the national Organuzation for Marriage(NOM) boast about it part in the election.
    The NOM is a Mormom-Catholoc anti-same gender marriage political group.

    The National Organization for Marriage (NOM) invested $75k in mailers in NY-9 late last week; Rabbi Zechariah Wallerstein recorded robocalls yesterday on NOM’s behalf; and NOM has been quoted in various publications regarding their strong influence in this race….

  2. Thank You to all who voted the right way, and made a huge public Hiddush Hashem, to show all that Kla’l Yisroel stands by the Torah no matter what!

  3. I have faith that the GOP will look at President Obama’s jobs legislation and if they find any part of it that’s good for the country they will approve that part of it. I have faith that the GOP is not so consumed with hatred of the President’s job performance that they will forget the best interests of Americans.

  4. Everyone I know of who voted for Turner really voted against Weprin. Not against Obama, against Weprin.

    And specifically because of his vote in favor of marriage redefinition.

    So look, my fellow Jews, what we can accomplish when we finally show up at the ballot box.

    Do that every election and it will make a difference, I assure you.

  5. Obama gambled and lost. When Weiner loudly & publicly criticized Obama on the pre 67 issue, Obama sought to set an example. He would throw out Weiner & he would “easily” get a different Democrat, well behaved “yes man” instead. It didn’t work! It shows us that Democrat phonies like Schumer, Nadler, Ackerman, & Engel are too scared to speak out in support of Eretz Yisroel because they don”t want Obama to throw under the bus as well!

  6. Its amazing that the media is portatrying this as an all israel. NO it was anti non traditional marriage. Welprin is jewish and is as pro israel as can be. The only difference is he voted for pro same gender marriage.

  7. The reason we won is because the area of this district is made up of sincere ehrlicha yidden,many who follow the Rav Avigdor Miller way. They do not sell themselves for a few dollars.

  8. “The reason we won is because the area of this district is made up of sincere ehrlicha yidden,many who follow the Rav Avigdor Miller way. They do not sell themselves for a few dollars.”

    Absolutely correct.

  9. ahuvah54 this was not a vote again st weprin it was a vote against many things including a tax and spend liberal democrat but mostly koch to his credit turned this into an election on OUR CURRENT PRESIDENT and his policies
    it was about obama plain and simple and every democrat that says as weprin did I BACK OBAMA and will as a congressman


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