An Uproar in Galei Tzahal


The Galei Tzahal radio station derives its name from the early history of the state of Israel, when it was the radio station of the military, a phenomenon that may well be unique to Israel.

It has been much more a civilian station than a military one for many years now, with very little connection to the army, yet it has retained its name nonetheless.

Why was Galei Tzahal itself in the news? Because one of the station’s radio personalities, who identifies strongly with the Israeli left, drew a comparison between the bereaved mothers of IDF soldiers or Israeli civilians murdered by Arabs and the Arab mothers who have lost their own children – a comparison that enraged many people in the country.

There was also another reason that Galei Tzahal was in the news: The Minister of Defense extended the term of Yaron Dekel, the commander of the station, by one year. (Dekel holds the rank of brigadier general and is considered on a par with the commander of any other military base. The radio station is viewed as an army base; most of its workers are soldiers and only a minority are civilians.)

Prime Minister Bibi Netanyahu expressed his disapproval of the extension, indirectly making it clear that he is not pleased with the leftist image of the station – and rightly so. The programming director at Galei Tzahal responded by announcing that a right-wing radio host would be added to the staff. His program will be aired in the mornings, in a slot taken from the time previously designated for the aforementioned leftist broadcaster. The latter then announced that he is considering quitting from the station.

Tzvi Yaakovson – Israel


  1. Jewish people who don’t follow the Torah are prone to making all kinds of grievous mistakes. This does not come as any surprise.


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