An Innovation:

2 recently spoke to the founders of, a new undertaking that is the largest and most comprehensive website devoted exclusively to the recovery of tefillin and Judaica.

“Our sole purpose is to reunite lost and found tefillin to their respective owners using the dynamic communication channels provided by the Internet,” a TefillinFinder spokesperson told “What could be more satisfying than returning a pair of tefillin to their respective owners?” offers visitors a convenient, one-stop source for the exchange of lost and found information, including the most comprehensive online database of lost and found tefillin, photos, resources, advice, and support tools on the internet. offers this information on a local, national and international basis. It features a variety of categories and services that aim to provide users with the necessary tools – some of which are uniquely suited to the internet – for the effective communication of lost and found information.

Visit for more info.

{Noam Newscenter}


  1. beautiful just to mention 3 points
    1.rabbi chaim eisen from “Hasofer” has been doing this project for 5 yrs now on a smaller scale im sure he can share his experience 718-437-7078 ( a most reliable sofer)
    2.the port authority which oversees subways, buses, & AIRPORTS throws out more than a hundred pairs of tefillin a yr. (they cant read the hebrew oisiyos on the bag.& thats where most are lost)
    3. we need a campaign to go from shul to shul selling a name tag ppl wud attach it to the inside & most ppl wud even pay a dollar . prevention….. hatzlacha

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