An Apology to Rabbi Mordechai Kuber from Rabbi Chaim Scher


rabbi-kuberThe following is an apology to Rabbi Mordechai Kuber [ seen in photo] from Rabbi Chaim Scher:

“Rabbi Kuber is to be commended for his decision to continue this halachic debate [regarding worms in fish] privately. I fully agree that this continuing dialogue belongs in the Bais Hamedrash. The purpose of Torah arguments are to uncover the truth and should not be turned into spectator sport.

“True to his word, Rabbi Kuber has sent a comprehensive response in private. I intend to respond to his arguments privately as well.

“Rabbi Kuber is a respected and upstanding Talmid Chacham. As such, I regret the strong tone of the response. It has never been my intention to malign Rabbi Kuber personally. It is my sincere hope that we will conclude this argument the way all Torah arguments should; לבסוף נעשים אוהבים זה לזה.”

Rabbi Chaim Scher

{ Newscenter}


  1. These halachic discussions need to be in the public arena, so the community at large can be kept informed of these vital kashrus issues.
    Presently, there is a division of views between the Rabbonim in Israel and many of the Rabbonim in North America.
    I have spoken to three poskim each with a differing view.
    Further I have seen disparate lists of permissible and non-permissible fish.
    There seems to be a lack of clarity on this overall issue, hopefully within a short period of time a more cogent view/s will occur


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