Amudim’s 5777 Roundup: 139 Lives Lost to Substance Abuse and Suicide since Last Rosh Hashanah



At Amudim headquarters in New York City, Founder and Director Rabbi Zvi Gluck keeps a tragic count – the ever-rising death toll of addiction and suicide in our community. This year’s figure is a staggering 139 victims, all under the age of 35 — young souls extinguished in the prime of their lives. And, explains R’ Gluck, each life is an entire world.

“All too often we mourn the death of an individual who died of an overdose, but it isn’t just one life that has been lost. His future generations will never be born and the lives of his friends and family members are irreparably shattered. By helping just one person, entire worlds can be built.”

Amudim’s mission is to stop the escalating death toll; to ensure that every Jew in crisis gets the help he needs so that he doesn’t become another heartbreaking statistic. Amudim’s crisis intervention team works round-the-clock, helping victims and their families confront trauma, embark on recovery and rehab, navigate legal issues, and defy death.

The experts at Amudim know that nobody is immune to crisis. Their staff of mental health professionals works tirelessly to support victims of sexual abuse and drug and alcohol addictions, as well as build community awareness of the issues so that parents and educators will recognize the warning signs before it’s too late. Amudim’s encouraging message is that recovery is possible. Under the leadership of R’ Zvi Gluck and Rabbinical guidance of HaRav Elya Brudny, shlita, Amudim has helped hundreds of abuse victims navigate the perilous path toward recovery.

Now, Amudim is asking for the public’s help in stopping the epidemic that is raging through our communities. Hundreds of Jews from across the religious spectrum, young and old, male and female, are at the crossroads between life and death. They stand at the dawn of a new life, but we must help them get there.

It is the duty of the klal to put a stop to the tragic loss of life. This Rosh Hashanah, as life and death are divinely decreed, the life of every human hangs in the balance. But the power of tzedakah, the power of extending a helping hand to those in crisis, can influence a year of life and blessing. By donating to Amudim, you will empower someone’s child with the ability to choose life.

Help save a life, because too many have already been lost forever. Donate today, or learn more about Amudim’s life-saving services at and by calling 646.517.0222.


  1. Why do I keep seeing articles on how many people are passing away? Where is the solution to this drug epidemic? I was a drug addict I was miserable I was suicidal I no longer deal with those problems Baruch HaShem. Thanks to Rabbi Burns and his twelve step program in Miami I have been able to re connect with hashem. By the age of 12 I thought I would never be religious nor have anything to do with hashem again. I have dozens of friends who have gone to his program Torah and the twelve steps. ALL WHO HAVE GRADUATED ARE CLEAN FROM DRUGS AND ALCOHOL!!!!!!!!!! A Jewish program with a Jewish solution!!! Why do we klal yisroel have to turn to the secular world for a solution???? Does our Torah not hold the answers to all? How ridiculous the solution to all of our problems are right there within OUR Torah yet no one seems to acknowledge that. Why are Jewish men and women still being sent to secular programs? I was in multiple treatment centers. NONE OF THEM WORKED!!! I have dozens of friends who have been in and out of treatment centers SOOOOO many have relapsed SOOOOO many are still empty!!!! SOOOO many people I’ve known have passed away!!!!! WHY?!?!?!?! Why can’t anyone humble themselves and admit that TORAH AND THE TWELVE STEPS IS THE ONLY PLACE TO SEND TO?!?!?!?!?! Even the minute period of clean time I had after graduating secular programs I was still miserable still completely anti religion. Secular programs barely scratch the surface of the problem. The problem is a spiritual malady!!!! HOW CAN SECULAR REHABS HELP WITH THAT?!?!?! It’s absolutely pathetic!!! LOOK AT THE STATISTICS FOR YOURSELVES!!!!! WHY IS THE NUMBER OF DEATHS WITHIN OUR COMMUNITIES INCREASING?!?!?!? Doesn’t everyone claim to know everything about addiction? How many programs and people out there say they help drug addicts? With all this people out there helping why do so many of MY friends continue to pass away?!?!?!?!?! But the one place that actually works people look down upon and despise for no apparent reason. Come down and see for yourself what we do here in Torah and the twelve steps and I promise you NOBODY will have second thoughts if it works or not!!! SOOOO MANY LIVES HAVE BEEN SAVED DUE TO THIS PROGRAM!!!!!! For all those that believe that this program doesn’t work feel free to call anytime i would love to explain to you how wrong you are. For all of those that have loved ones who need help feel free to call anytime. WAKE UP!!!


  2. Thank you Amudim for not giving up. For not keeping quiet. For not sweeping this horrific tragedy under the rug, as so many in our community want to do.

  3. sweeping under the rug????? most of these nebach suicides were in therapy and rehab , majority had families that suffered bizyonos yet did what they can to help – drugs grab you in a way that is so hard to let go when you are ready “thai misasam kaparah”

  4. Hot topic. Our weak generational pull makes much cry.

    Do kiruv right and daven with many others in mind. Perhaps Hashem will listen.

    Torah names.

  5. So what do you want us, the average fellow Yid, to do about it? Think and contemplate it and then get back to work? Go out and kiss an otd? I mean seriously.


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