Amona Residents Retract Peaceful Evacuation Pledge


Amona residents today threatened “a forced, unpleasant evacuation” of their outpost after Prime Minister Bibi Netanyahu’s chief of staff Yoav Horowitz announced that it is not possible to implement the agreement signed with them at this point due to legal reasons, Attila Somfalvi reports for Ynet.

The High Court of Justice determined that the homes in the outpost were built illegally on privately-owned Palestinian lands and ordered to evacuate the settlers and demolish their homes. The government received a 45-day extension on the evacuation deadline in order to implement a compromise agreement reached with the settlers, with the new deadline set to February 7.

The plan was to resettle Amona families on property belonging to absentee landowners, but Palestinians have filed ownership claims on the lands that were found to be justified. According to Horowitz, the settlers were offered to move to the Ofra settlements in a nearby mountain in the Mateh Binyamin area, but they refused. Read more at Ynet.


{ Israel}


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