Amid Swine Flu Fears, Gerrer Rebbe Takes Precaution


gerrer-rebbeThe swine flu scare has recently prompted the Gerrer Rebbe to halt the tradition of drinking wine from the same glass. The Rebbe has instructed his gabbaim and chassidim to use individual and disposable plastic cups containing a few drops of wine from the Rebbe’s own glass.

The Rebbe has been known to be conscious about health issues; a few years ago, when Israel was affected by the avian flu , he refrained from eating eggs until he received ones specially-imported from abroad.

Sources close to the Rebbe say that his latest decision was in no way meant to protect his own health, but that of the thousands of his chassidim.

Yeshiva bochurim who recently came from the United States and sought to meet the Rebbe were asked by his gabbaim not to shake his hand when visiting him at his home in Bnei Brak.

So far, Israel has had more than 750 confirmed cases of the swine fly virus.

{Yair Israel}


  1. This Rebbe is an intelligent man. He doesn’t throw around worthless platitudes like “shluchei mitzvah ainan nizakin”, or”Torah meginah umatzli”. He uses common sense, and that’s what should be spread around.

  2. if it has kedusha it for sure doesnt do any harm looks like gerer rebe is an intelligent man and knows the emes that it doesnt have any kedushe or maybe its out of his humbleness


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