America’s Muslim Spy-Overseer Hits Back at Trump


Rep. André CarsonRep. André Carson, one of only two Muslims in Congress, condemned Donald Trump on Tuesday for suggesting that Muslims were inherently untrustworthy.

“The fact is that I’m the only member of Congress who has worked in an intelligence fusion center,” Carson told The Daily Beast, referring to his work before entering the House of Representatives.

Fusion centers are information-sharing offices used to facilitate the distribution of information between intelligence agencies, law enforcement, the military, and local governments. Carson is also a member of the House Permanent Select Committee on Intelligence, where he has been cleared to received classified assessments about threats, and where he helps oversee the American intelligence community.

“There are Muslims in the law-enforcement community, in our intelligence community, who are pushing back and are helping keep our country and the global community safe,” Carson said. “To view one group as a threat without making distinctions and understanding nuance… shows a lack of maturity and it shows an inclination to discriminate.” Read more here.



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