American Wins Photo of the Year


photo-of-year-phoneAmerican photographer John Stanmeyer was awarded the 57thannual World Press Photo Contest’s Photo of the Year for 2013. It shows African migrants standing by the shore of Djibouti city holding their phones high to try to catch a signal from neighboring Somalia in an attempt to connect with family in other countries.

The picture was shot for National Geographic and also won 1st Prize in the Contemporary Issues category Read more at World Press Photo.

{Andy Newscenter}


  1. We have the same problem here in America! Sprint SUCKS! It never works when you really need it! Sprint is a total waste of money! Even the Medicaid phones are better!

  2. Before anyone from the crayon drawer complains about “how is this an article to put on Matzav”, I have to say I did not see it anywhere else and it is quite interesting to see the image. Keep up the good transcendent secular to religious work, Matzav.


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