American Jewish Leaders Meet Spain’s King Juan Carlos In Historic Visit


king-juan-carlos-i-of-spainIn a historic visit, 60 American Jewish leaders traveling with the Conference of Presidents of Major American Jewish Organizations met with King Juan Carlos I of Spain at Zarzuela Palace in Madrid on Thursday.

During the meeting, the king spoke about the Jewish cultural heritage and the major influence Jews have had in Spain, including contributions in science, philosophy, culture, and arts.

The Conference of Presidents delegation has met with several other top officials in Spain as well as leaders of Spain’s Jewish community.

“We have been deeply impressed with the Spanish leadership and other officials during our meetings. They [spoke about] how deeply rooted the Jewish community remains here and how important it is to them,” Malcolm Hoenlein, executive vice chairman of the Conference of Presidents, told

Prior to the visit, the Spanish Justice Ministry announced groundbreaking legislation to give millions of Sephardic Jews descending from Jews expelled during the Spanish Inquisition the chance to claim Spanish citizenship. Hoenlein told that he feels Spain is taking important steps to rectify troubled history with the Jewish people.

“With the recent legislation [allowing Sephardic Jews to claim Spanish citizenship], Spain is confronting its history and not avoiding it, which I think is very positive,” Hoenlein said.


{ Newscenter}


  1. really who cares the spaniards were ruthless kfuyeh tova jews have done so much for them we can t imagine what torture my ancestors endured when given the opportunity I did nt go to spain I have the same feeling toward any part of Europe when my plane made an unexpected stop in Frankfurt I did nt get off the plane in deference to my dear father in law we laughed when we heard about the citizenship we ll take it if it comes with the property they stole and killed for


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