American Gets Charged $10,000 for Meal in Yerushalayim


After enjoying a savory dinner at the Old City of Yerushalayim’s Ash-Shawish restaurant in the Christian Quarter, a tourist was shocked to discover, hours later, that his $100 meal had been charged over $10,000, more than a hundred times its worth.

Police quickly summoned the restaurant owners and ordered them to cancel their ill-gotten gain immediately.

In gratitude, the tourist appeared at the police station with a cake.

{ Israel}


  1. Probally the person who entered the amount in the computer simply didn’t put in a decimal point.
    100.00 w/o a decimal point = 10000

  2. Strange. Did he not look at the bill? And when he noticed the amount charged, and assuming the restaurant refused to straighten things out, why not call the credit card company? There are all sort of frauds (and occasionally, genuine mistakes) and credit cards handle them all the time. Especially so for customers who have a gold or platinum or black credit card, which this tourist must have had, else a 10K charge at the very least requires a phone call authorization (more likely, it is outright refused). Finally…. he brought a cake to the police station?!

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