American Airlines to Charge $8 for Blankets


american-airlinesIf you want a pillow and blanket in coach on American Airlines, it’s going to cost you. The airline will charge $8 for a pillow and blanket in coach class for domestic trips and some international flights longer than two hours, beginning May 1. The international flights are to and from Canada, Mexico, Hawaii, the Caribbean and Central America.

Spokeswoman Andrea Huguely said Monday it was an economic decision.

“American evaluates all aspects of the business to ensure that economic decisions are prudent and strategic for the long-term success of the company,” she said.

Huguely said blankets will remain complimentary in premium-class cabins and in all cabins for other international flights.

The airline will sell a blue fleece blanket with an inflatable neck pillow in a clear zippered pouch, and will throw in coupon for $10 off a $30 purchase at Bed, Bath and Beyond, Huguely said.

JetBlue and US Airways charge $7 for a blanket-and-pillow set, with US Airways adding eye shades and earplugs.

Airlines have steadily added and increased fees for other services such as checking luggage and buying tickets from a reservation agent since 2008, first to help cover jet fuel costs, then to offset large losses.

American parent AMR Corp. lost $1.47 billion last year – and $3.59 billion in the past two years – as traffic fell during the recession and competition limited American’s ability to raise fares.

{Dallas Morning News/Noam Newscenter}


  1. “Spokeswoman Andrea Huguely said Monday it was an economic decision”
    Do these people actually have brains!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!?!?!!?!?!?
    DUHH obviously charging someone for using something is an economic decision.

  2. not a bad plan – all they to do is sell 183,750,000 blankets this year (they fly about 12MM passengers a year – so every passenger on every flight buys 12 blankets) and not counting overhead for the blankets – they will break even in 2010. Hatzlocha Gedola


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