Ambassador Friedman Call The Attack In Ofra A Lowly Act


American ambassador David Friedmann responds harshly Monday to the terrorist attack in Ofra and calls it “a lowly act.”

“The US stands by Israel against the terrorists, even if others do not,” he wrote in a tweet on Twitter.

“Another vile act of #Palestinian terrorism last night included the shooting of a pregnant woman. Hamas calls the shooters “heroic” — yes, the same #Hamas that the @UN could not resolve to condemn last week. The #US stands with #Israel against terrorists even if others won’t.”

“We pray for the safety of a young mother who is fighting for her life and wish a speedy recovery for all the wounded,” Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu said in an official statement.




  1. Unfortunately hollow words. What is the government doing to retaliate and deter these attacks? Nothing! We tiptoe around world opinion so much it’s repulsive. If they cut off a finger of ours we should cut off both their hands. The government is resigned to the fact that this is just a way of life. What a travesty.


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