Amazon Worker Fired For Placing “Greetings From Uncle Adolf” Note In Jewish Customer’s Package


An Amazon employee has been fired for leaving a note for a Jewish customer that read: “Greetings from Uncle Adolf.” The worker left the anti-Semitic note inside a package that contained a toy the woman had ordered for her niece, the Daily Mail reports.

It is believed the culprit knew the woman was Jewish because of her surname.

The woman, who is in her 30s but did not want to be named, said she was so upset by what happened that she had to take two days off from work. Her outraged friend Liran Meydat, from north London, spoke about the incident, claiming Amazon failed to take it seriously until he shamed the company on social media. He said his friend “freaked out” when she discovered the note. “When she told us about the note she was shaking – she’s a very gentle and humble lady,” Meydat said.




  1. The second I saw this story, it reminded me of a similar type of incident that occurred about 51 years ago in Berkeley, California. The Jewish reform temple there had been badly defaced by people who were obviously severely wicked Sonei Yisroel, Yimach Shemam V’Zichram. The photograph in the local newspaper, the “Oakland Tribune,” of the marked up building showed graffiti-sprayed near the front entrance a couple of swastikas and the words: “ADOLF WAS HERE.”


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