Amazon to Inflate Prime Prices


amazon1In its, thus far, storied history, one thing critics have long pointed out is that despite the hype, Amazon almost never turns a profit. Now, after disappointing fourth quarter earnings, Amazon is finally considering raising prices by as much as 50 percent on its $79 Prime shipping program.

“Shipping costs have gone up a lot, fuel costs have gone up a lot,” said Amazon’s chief financial officer.

If the price ends up being raised, many investors and skeptics will be keeping a close eye on how loyal customers who are used to cheap on-time shipping, will react. Read more at The New York Times.

{Andy Newscenter}


  1. Re. the above reference to The N.Y. Times:

    Considering the negative attitude of The New York Times toward Israel and toward religious Jews, should seriously consider joining Jews in boycotting that self-proclaimed “newspaper of record.”

    As their real motto is “If the news fits our political agenda we print it” — their front page often has an anti-Semitic undertone.

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