Amazon Prime Now Offers One-Hour Alcohol Delivery Service In Manhattan

1 has brought the gift of booze at the click of a button to New York City, just in time for Chanukah.

The online shopping service has added booze to its one-hour delivery service, allowing New Yorkers to imbibe in within 60 minutes via Amazon.

Until now it was only people in Seattle, the company’s hometown. The company would not say Thursday if it was expanding that convenience elsewhere.

One-hour delivery of beer, wine and spirits costs $7.99. It’s free to members of Amazon’s $99 annual Prime loyalty program who can handle a two-hour wait.

Alcohol is one of 4,000 new items the online retailer just added to its Prime Now delivery, in addition to toys, electronics, wrapping paper and baking supplies. There are already more than a million things that can be delivered by Amazon in 20 U.S. metropolitan areas.

Amazon isn’t the only outlet for thirsty New Yorkers looking for doorstep drink delivery in Manhattan. Websites like, Thirstie and all offer options within the metro area, offering selections of craft beer, wine and spirits.




  1. This is not news! Maybe for the new trend of jewish alchoholics who think its leshiem shemayim when they loosen up but actually cause a chillul hashem and look like doofuses!


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