Amazing Robotic Israeli System Revolutionizes Parking Garages


Conventional parking garages take up lots of land and resources, not to mention the gasoline wasted as waiting cars troll for a vacant spot. Unitronics Group’s automated parking solution lets you drive your car into a 20-by-20-foot entry bay, turn off the engine, lock up, take a ticket and go on your way, reports Israel21c. After you leave, a Unitronics robot lifts the vehicle, transports your car to a destination spot, and positions it perfectly with no chance of a fender scrape or space-hogging poor parking.

Unitronics’ U.S. subsidiary recently completed four new automated parking garages in the U.S. Its facilities use only one-third of the space of a conventional parking lot – storing three times more cars in the same space.

“The car is turned off after the driver leaves it in the entry bay, so there is no waste of fuel and no emissions in the building,” says Unitronics founder and CEO Haim Shani. “Since it’s a robotic system, there is no need for lighting or ventilation inside the parking garage, which consume much more energy than does our robot.” The facility also lessens the likelihood of injury to car owners and car theft, thus also reducing insurance costs.

David Steger – Israel


  1. I wouldn’t mock so fast European chossid. I’ve seen it in real life in Israel. On Har chotzvim, the restaurant Rodriguez is in a building (I forget the name of the building) and the underground parking lot for the building has a similar vending machine style parking lot.

    But I thought the technology was Japanese.

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