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  1. They used to have all Jews working for them through the decades before. A few years ago I walked in to a Brooklyn seforim store, and behold almost an entire store was manned by goyim of the East New York and Bedford Stuyvesant variety. How am I supposed to trust a goy when buying tzitzis or a mezuza?! Why should I give support to the people hostile to my people, instead of helping another Yid with parnosa?! I did not come back after that; I’d rather spend 50 cents more in a Jewish religious articles store that actually employs Jews.

    • Aha. And what do you do about Kosher restaurants and eateries? What do you do about heimisha groceries? Shoe stores? Hardware stores? Your local Shul? Etc etc…? Every store/establishment has aino yehudim working for them. Would YOU work for $5 an hour shlepping boxes, washing vegetables, making deliveries, waitering, cleaning toilets, etc…?! You are not being realistic or practical.


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