Amazing Footage: How New Eichler’s Gets Deliveries To You In No Time – Order Via Whatsapp/Text/Call Or Email


Whatsapp your order before 4 p.m. to get it delivered same day. Click Here.



    • Watch the entire ad. At the the end, it clearly says in Boro Park. If you live in Hawaii, you’re not included for same day delivery.

  1. Are all the tzitzis packages double sealed with an independent hechsher, or are we supposed to trust goyim who package and deliver it? Not even mentioning mezuzos. Besides, is it kovodik for seforim and tashmishey kedusha to be packaged by goyim – who knows how they throw and kick packages, bring to a bathroom or tell dirty jokes when packaging a kedusha object?

      • Dear 2cents worth, does USPS/UPS/FedEx have access to tashmishey kedusha in open packages? Nope, the packages are securely sealed in a tempering proof way, with a postal service goy never even touching the shipped object. Please try to read a post before replying.


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