Am Echad Letter to MKs Re Government Recognition of Reform and Conservative Movements in the Wake of the Pittsburgh Massacre

This letter was sent today by Am Echad, Preserving One Jewish People, to Members of the Israeli Knesset encouraging them to not recognize Reform and Conservative movements in the wake of the Pittsburgh massacre.
To download a copy of the letter in PDF format, click here or on the image below.
The Am Echad statement following the Tree of Life Synagogue massacre in Pittsburgh on October 27th is available here.


  1. maybe we should include christians in JEWISH UNITY/ They were the first reform jews…at least they came with claim of new relavation. Reform & Co deny the relavation altogether, their whole platform 250 yrs ago was to abandon the torah and be like gentiles…Remeber thenpenalty of ‘chanife’ see keddishen 66a yane hamelech

  2. Interesting that this branch of the Agudah did not say the same thing regarding the Open Orthodox movement. They condemned it in the strongest of terms. We didn’t see any of the lovey dovey stuff. We didn’t see any of the “why can’t we all get along” syndrome. We didn’t hear speeches on Ahavas Yisroel, “kiruv opportunity”, and acceptance. Why?! Why did they single out the Open Orthodox with such hate?! Are the Open Orthodox worse than the Reform & Reconstructionist movement? What about the women of the wall group? One thing that every frum Yid should hate, is H Y P O C R I S Y. It had no place in our Torah. I find this letter and all the preaching PC love Rabbi’s, falling into that category.
    P.S. it’s not the right time? Okay, so then silence should be the order of the day.

    • but deny the torah has one author THE RIBONI SHEL OILOM, that this torah will not be changed , including toaivah and much more, DOES HAVE A PLACE IN YOUR TORAH???!!!

    • reform, restructionist etc are already excommunicated from klall tisroel by chasam soifer , meram ash , yismach moshe and hundreds of holy its like mentioning christians. OO has tther chutzpah to call themselves ORTHODOX. so they mislead

  3. The Reform, Conservative, Leftists, Liberals, etc. all gave up their Jewishness many years ago.
    Their children are all marrying non-Jews, so “who are they fighting for???”

  4. Maybe the spineless authors of this letter should learn the definition of kaanos from a Rebbi with a mesorah. I albeit a regular Joe would think that. v’ yikbah l’ibo bdarchei Hashem would opine that an open respectfully worded condemnation of those who are mchallel Shem Shamayim r’l would be appropriate.

  5. Conservative & Reform are deviant religious practices and are in no way related to Judaism. The conniving leaders of these two “social” movements want you to think that their practices and beliefs are Jewish when in fact they’re not. The 11 Kedoshim who were massacred at the Tree of Life Jewish Style Center were practicing what they were told was Judaism and didn’t know any better. They died because some mentally disturbed idiot wanted to kill Jews. Their deaths as “Jews” in the eyes of the world was their Teshuva. Boruch Dayan Ho’emes.

  6. There is a negative draw. The reform and conservative who refuse kosher and refuse Torah law are invading a land which is biblically to be pure by the men who observe law.

    There is just survival chance for any jew to find a future in Israel. To enter into abominations, they should not be kept their pace in the land.

    The gravity of the tragedy is horrible, but the harder gravity is jewish hate of kosher family. There is too much and it begins with organized family to appear in reform and conservative halls. There is no kosher and there is no law.

    This does not belong in the holy land.

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