All The Victims Of Synagogue Shooting Identified – Ages Range From 54 To 97


The eleven victims of Saturday’s deadly mass-shooting attack on a synagogue in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania have been identified.

Eight men and three women were among the dead, authorities announced Sunday, including 71-year-old Dan Stein, 75-year-old Joyce Feinberg, 65-year-old Richard Gotfried, 97-year-old Rose Malinger, 66-year-old Jerry Rabinowitz, 59-year-old Cecil Rosenthal and his 54-year-old brother David Rosenthal, 84-year-old Bernice Simon, Bernice’s 86-year-old husband Sylvan Simon, 88-year-old Melvin Wax, and 69-year-old Irving Youngner.

The gunman, 46-year-old Robert Bowers, was reportedly inside the synagogue for roughly 20 minutes, shooting congregants and guests who had arrived for a circumcision ceremony held in the Tree of Life synagogue.

Read more at Arutz Sheva.



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  2. They must have all been very good people H”y”d-they could have died in a car accident,a storm,or any other way-instead they all died al-kiddush Hashem . This of course is no way justifieing the actions of the RASHA who killed them-yemach Shemo o zichro.
    Let mashiach come already…

  3. The terror is the constant in America. This is a horror we never saw in years before these hard armed men could roam.

    In any sense, we could all carry in synagogue. Perhaps our guards should have semi-automatic rifles. No one sees it coming and it gets the first shot.

    How are we at all any safe from most anything? Its impossible.

    Keep kosher. We can be sure Hashem will be our king. A faith to right. The rest may ever stop. Hope for better redemption. We can wait as we must keep our Torah. The only wise option.

  4. They are all Yiddishe sounding last names. They were all brutally murdered because they were Jews. H”YD. Esav soneh liyaakov. May Moshiach come quickly and we can finally eradicate Amaleik once and for all.


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