Algae Based Israeli Falafel Wins Prize


“Algafalafel,” a creation by a team of graduate students from the Biotechnology and Food Engineering Faculty at the Technion-Israel Institute of Technology, won first prize at the EIT Food Project competition held at the university.

The aim of the competition – which saw students working on it for a full year – was to develop a protein-replacement dish to feed the growing world population. Scientists expect that by the year 2050 – with 9.8 billion mouths to feed – there will be a serious protein shortage.

The “Algafalafel” are enriched with spirulina, which is a “biomass of blue-green algae which produce their own food by photosynthesis without a living organic carbon,” according to the university.

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  1. The world population is not going to hit 10 bil in 30 years. The Western World’s population is not just not growing, but rapidly declining. The Developing countries’ fertility rates are going down to 2 or below. Even some Moslem states fertility rates are under 2 now. The overpopulation is a myth. It is a declining population that will cause all kinds of economic problems.


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