Alert: Turkish Taleisim Found to Contain Shatnez


apt02After some research and discussion with shatnez experts, has confirmed that a significant number of taleisim originating from Tunisia have been found to contain shatnez. These taleisim, often referred to as “Turkish taleisim,” are supposed to be made from 100% Tunisian wool, but some of them have been found to contain up to 60-75% of other materials. In some cases, these other materials were not linen, which would therefore not be a concern of shatnez. In other cases, however, the presence of linen was substantial.

A shatnez tester told that this matter came to light after a Monsey resident was told by his dry cleaners that the tallis he had given in to clean contained material other than wool. That triggered a chain of events which resulted in the issue becoming more widespread.

A group of shatnez experts, from Monsey, Lakewood and elsewhere gathered yesterday at the Belzer Bais Medrash in Monsey, where they were checking hundreds of taleisim. Many of the taleisim which were determined to be shatnez-free were, however, found to contain polyester, which, according to many, is not lechatchila, as there are shittos that a begged not made of 100% wool is not mechuyav in tzitzis min haTorah.

It should be noted that exporters of taleisim regularly check their shipments to ensure that the begadim are made of the proper material. However, the checking is performed only a select portion of each shipment and not every tallis is inspected.

The Turkish taleisim are popular amongst Chassidim on Skver and Belz who had been receiving their taleisim primarily from one supplier in Canada. A rumor regarding a tallis shortage being the cause of this recent tumult has not been confirmed.

Shatnez testers will be in Skver today, as well as in Boro Park later this week, to check taleisim for shatnez. reminds consumers to always be vigilant and only purchase tashmishei kedusha that contain reliable hashgachos and from a reliable retailer.

{Dovid Newscenter}


  1. To the best of my knowledge, there is no shittah that only 100% wool is chayav tzitzis midoraysa. Everyone, even the Mechaber, the Rambam and the Rif, who pasken like Reb Yishmael and limit the chiyuv to wool or linen, agree that fifty one percent wool or linen would be chayav.

  2. If I am correct from my learning in yeshiva, that a tallis is the only beged that is allowed to and able to wear if it has shatnez. Am I wrong?

  3. Shloimy, you are incorrect in that the beged ITSELF may not be made of both wool and linen. The beged may be wool and the tzitzis may be linen – which is the way the mitzvah is commanded, but as I wrote, the beged itself may not contain both materials.

  4. shatnez in a taalis is only allowed when there was tcheiles. According to many poskim polyester is not considered a begged in regards to the obligation of tzitzis.


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