Alan Dershowitz Warns Dems Against ‘Revenge Inquisition’


While he wants the Democrats to regain control of the House, civil liberties legal expert Alan Dershowitz warns against “a revenge inquisition” into Supreme Court Justice Brett Kavanaugh.

“Because I am a liberal Democrat, I want to see the House flipped to my party as an important check and balance between the executive and legislative branches,” Dershowitz wrote in a Fox News opinion piece. “But what I don’t want to see is a Democratic House abuse its authority by conducting vengeful impeachment proceedings against Kavanaugh.

Dershowitz noted a justice has never been impeached and removed, acknowledging a potential perjury investigation against Justice Kavanaugh for the purpose of impeachment, “but that would be a ploy, somewhat akin to the phony perjury grounds used to impeach President [Bill] Clinton.”

“But when it comes to revenge politics, hypocrisy is the coin of the realm and don’t expect consistency from zealots in either party,” Dershowitz wrote.


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  1. Dershowitz is wrong in this case. Bill Clinton deserved to be impeached because he incontrovertibly perjured himself, as physical evidence proved. If and when similarly strong evidence ever emerges that Judge Kavanaugh deliberately perjured himself, he would then also deserve to be impeached.

  2. May G-D FORBID for Democrats to regain control of the House ever again. Haven’t they Brought America down to its lowest level of the abyss already? If elections will not be run by Voter’s ID, which means loads of fraud and rigged machines will be the norm (as was by Hillary), an Antifa member or Socialist can very likely become president.

    “from zealots in either party” Mr. Dershowitz, how exactly are the Trumpists zealots? I haven’t heard any Trumpist being an Antifa or close to it. Are you a typical Democrat who’s scared to admit the truth?

  3. vote REPUBLICAN all the way in November – America can NOT afford the Liberal/Socialists to run the country to the ground and below……………………

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