Alan Dershowitz Says Israel ‘Harder To Defend’ After Nation-State Law


Harvard Law Professor Alan Dershowitz and staunch supporter of Israel told i24NEWS “it was harder to defend Israel after the nation-state bill” passed last week, warning that it would only exacerbate tensions with diaspora Jews.

The controversial nation-state law, passed last week by a 62-55 margin in Israel’s parliament last week, defines Israel as the national homeland for the Jewish people and states that “the realization of the right to national self-determination in Israel is unique to Jewish people.”

Instead Dershowitz suggested that Israel should incorporate the “brilliant Decelaration of Independence of Israel, which talks about equal rights for all,” as a basic law for the Jewish State that has operated without a traditional Constitution since its establishment in 1948.

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  1. He also said get the Rabbi’s out of the law.. Basically an assimilated Jew who wants the Jewish state to e just like the US.

  2. The true Palestinian homeland is Jordan. It’s too bad the Jordanian government murdered and expelled them. Why doesn’t the UN condemn Jordan is the strongest terms?

  3. Whether you agree or disagree with Alan Dershowitz on this issue, he has more than proven himself as a strong supporter of Israel.
    Instead of showing love for him when he defends President Trump and/or Israel and then vilifying him personally when he issues an opinion like this one, how about just stating that you disagree and then giving your reason(s) why?

  4. Get off of your high-horse Mr. Dershowitz. The State of Israel does not need to be defended by a trief-eating, Shabbos desecrating, toeiva supporting Reform Jew from Harvard, who is a father-in-law to a shicksa.

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